Shopping abroad?

You can receive up to 5 shipments from the outside, the content of each one can not exceed 1000 dollars (USA, China, Europe, etc).


According to the products that contain your shipments the customs in Argentica charges taxes that go from 11% to 70%.

Maximize shipments?

MuyLoMas makes it easy for each shipment to have the most products and the lowest cost of shipping to your hands in Argentina.

What it is MuyLoMas?

At MuyLoMas we provide everything you need to buy anywhere in the world and receive the purchases in your hands. Everything is free, except for the purchases, the cost of the shipment and the customs taxes in each country.

How much does it cost?

By registering for free in MuyLoMas, we give you free of charge:

- Your address in US to receive purchases from anywhere in the world. This address is unique for you and has no creation or maintenance costs.

- Our courier service with preferential rates that takes the purchases to the address that you indicate in your country.

What are the first steps to buy in the US?

Download the MuyLoMas app and sign in. There you'll get your address in US, then select the products you want to buy in your favorite stores. You must put your US address when doing the checkout of the online store in the USA, Europe or China.

How do I get the purchases in my hand?

We will notify you when the purchases arrive at your US address. Then you will be able to consolidate (choose the purchases that you want receive together at once). At that moment you will have to pay for the shipment and the customs fees in your country (some countries are excempt of this ones).

I have other questions! How can I contact MuyLoMas?

Feel free to contact us. We will be happy to clarify, or simply help you manage and buy abroad.